KSS Consulting

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Management/Leadership Training

  • Nearly 20 years of Management/Leadership experience for industry leading organizations such as Tavern on the Green and Equinox
  • Developed an ongoing structured Leadership Training Guide that can be utilized by in

Sales Training

  • 15+ years of sales experience, most of which has been spent in a Management role
  • Developed an easy to implement Sales Training system that can be utilized by in-house leaders and has practical application in all industries


  • 15+ years of working directly with Recruiters to identify specific characteristics that are prevalent amongst top performers so that candidates and managers are proactively set up for success
  • Heavy emphasis on organic recruiting personally and through coaching teams to regularly look for opportunities on their end


  • Conducted over 1500 interviews ranging from entry level to senior management personnel
  • Utilized a variety of formats including 1 on 1, Top Grade, Group interviews

Culture Building

  • Nearly 20 years of building teams that have consistently exceeded revenue targets and additional relevant KPIs
  • Heavy emphasis on character and work ethic as foundational elements of team building – also a heavy emphasis placed on understanding and respecting each individual team member on a personal level and coaching to specific opportunities rather than general knowledge dissemination

Performance Review Structure and Execution

  • Led countless Performance Reviews focused on both metric based goals (short, intermediate, long term), as well as the actionable steps needed to be taken by Management and employees to achieve said goals
  • Created customized performance plans for each individual that enables leaders to quickly identify areas of opportunity for team members and to coach specifically to the opportunity

Time Management / Organization

  • Created a systemized approach to time management/organization that allows all team members to be very intentional and strategic in the use of their time to minimize distractions and drive linearly towards individual and collective goals
  • Helped leaders efficiently use time on their end to view and analyze team member calendars for transparency of action so they can be aware of what people are focused on, their time spent in the business, etc.

Time Management / Organization

  • Worked with VP’s/Directors to forecast and set budgets for individual club operations and overall regional targets
  • Worked with team members and leaders on personal/professional goal setting broken down into Annual, Mid-Year, Quarterly and Monthly targets that are extremely specific and actionable

CRM Utilization

  • 15+ years of experience utilizing and coaching others to utilize CRM software for Client communication and organization purposes
  • Created systems for leaders to consistently evaluate pipelines and be able to coach to specific team member’s opportunity for improvement

Focus group utilization

  • Team members are brought together on a quarterly basis to provide their input regarding any ongoing initiatives so that they are given an opportunity to be part of the solution
  • Created a system for the meeting facilitator to keep things solution based and to immediately stop short any non-productive commentary

Peer-to-peer Development

  • Held monthly meetings with leaders to coach each other on best practices in areas of expertise for a particular leader
  • Identified and highlighted team members who are excelling and gave them opportunities to coach other team members – created a pipeline of future leaders while also having team members hear from someone who is actively doing the same job as them and having success

Onboarding process

  • Created and executed new hire onboarding processes to ensure a consistent experience for all new team members
  • Onboarding process concluded with a mentor assignment to provide continued support, while also having 30/60/90 day check in so that any issues can be addressed early in the employee’s tenure

Continuing Education Structure and Execution

  • Consistently asked team members and/or identified subject matter that would support continued growth for employees and leaders so they could continue to build skills that would support growth
  • Utilized outside speakers to bring new insights from other companies to spur innovation amongst the teams

Meeting / Presentation Structure

  • Created a structured approach to meetings so that expectations and outcomes were clearly defined each time and communicated via a pre-meeting agenda to participants
  • Conducted several hundred public speaking/educational presentations and coached leaders to minimize public speaking anxiety and maximize effectiveness through proper preparation and utilization of tools to increase participant engagement