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Are you interested in learning easily applied ‘secrets’ that will help you sell at a high level, create wins for all parties involved and put you in position to win your time and financial freedom?

If you answered yes to either question, Everyday People Extraordinary Sales Success is the resource that will accelerate your ability to achieve these goals.

Being in sales for 20 plus years I thought I was on my A game and always knowing what to do. After reading this book, I gained new insight and really learned new strategies on how to get to the next level, while learning to really love what you do.

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Client Testimonials

  Some great information to take away from this book both personally and professionally. "Lead with an open mind and an open heart and open hands" and surrounding yourself with others who lead in the same manner. This is a prescription for life period! Surround yourself with those that will bring you positive energy and those that believe in you. We are all on a journey of radical humility, ASK FOR HELP.

  I wasn't sure what to expect. As an expert in mindset and communication, I wasn't sure how impactful this book might be. After reading it, all I can say are FACTS!!! Excellent points made by the experts and loved the last section of the book with the 25 sales secrets that so on point. If you sell anything, this is a must read.

  I graduated with a marketing degree and was in sales for over 40 years with much success. If I had a reference like this author’s book I believe it would have helped to take me to greater level. I would suggest to college professors that they make this book a requirement for all students. Easy to read and understand.

  Being in sales for 20 plus years I thought I was on my A game and always knowing what to do. After reading this book, I gained new insight and really learned new strategies on how to get to the next level, while learning to really love what you do. I really enjoyed the amazing and inspiring interviews that will really help push myself to be the best I can be in my industry, Brett is one of the most positive and lovable humans you will ever meet, and I can't wait to see what is next for him on his incredible journey. I have learned from him to follow your dreams and nothing is impossible.

  As someone who works in sales, I am always looking to gain more insight and perspective from talented leaders who have more experience and knowledge to share. This book kept me engaged from beginning to end, and really hit home on so many levels. I look forward to implementing some new strategies which I learned from this gem, and I highly recommend to anyone interested in becoming a better version of themselves not just in business, but in all aspects of life.

  If someone asked me who I’d refer them to when looking to be a leader in their specific industry, I’d send them to Brett. This book is great for anyone looking to elevate their leadership and success in their specific industry. Brett has personally helped me expand and succeed in my small business, and this book provides all the value and intelligence he’s already to myself and my peers. Could not recommend this book more!

  I am a physical therapist without any background in business, and therefore I wasn’t sure how this book would pertain to my field. However, there are many important lessons in success taught by Brett Knopf and his colleagues that I can refer back to time and time again to help me navigate any challenges that may arise within my job and industry.

  I love this book! It has so many insights and great tips. I could feel that is written from successful experience! Absolutely enjoyed reading it!

  I recruit audiences for television. For 18 years I have stuck to what (I thought) I knew best. Turns out, there’s always more to learn. I was easily able to apply the Knopf sales tactics to my everyday. No more rinse and repeat. This book left me inspired to be a better leader. And I never write reviews. This book is just gooood!!

  If you are looking to learn from the best, look no further than “Everyday People, Extraordinary Sales Success.” Brett has managed to put together a series of interviews with some of the most successful business leaders out there. Whether you are looking to improve your own sales abilities or looking for a good read this book is highly recommended!

  I endorse this book, the author Brett relates to real life, business, mindset, accountability and most of all focus. This was a great read, and an even better investment of knowledge.

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About Brett Knopf

I’ve spent over two decades coaching individuals and businesses to elevate their leadership, sales and mindset so that they are able to maximize their personal and professional effectiveness and create their optimal outcomes.

I help you and your company clearly, and definitively develop very specific goals. I provide guidance as far as how to identify and leverage your strengths and how to understand your opportunities for improvement in relation to your core values and your goals.

In all cases, I work with you collaboratively. I ask very intentional questions, listen closely, and help you create the appropriate actions to chart the path forward strategically, while still accounting for the need to maintain flexibility in adjusting to the inevitable challenges that will arise.

Most people and organizations have a difficult time looking at themselves objectively, so when they’re asked about these areas, they frequently have difficulty articulating them in detail. If you don’t know exactly where you want to go and what tools you have or don’t have at your disposal, it’s going to be tough to get there.

Let me work with you to create the solutions that will elevate your personal and professional performance to peak levels. It’s what I am best at and love to do most in this world.

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