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When you take a solution based approach to your life and to your business it creates the opportunity for you to best control your intended outcomes.  

Let me help you create those solutions and, as a result, create your optimal life.

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Everyday People,
Extraordinary sales success

Are you interested in learning easily applied ‘secrets’ that will help you sell at a high level, create wins for all parties involved and put you in position to win your time and financial freedom?

If you answered yes to either question, Everyday People Extraordinary Sales Success is the resource that will accelerate your ability to achieve these goals.

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performance coaching

It is nearly impossible to live your optimal life without understanding EXACTLY what it is you are looking to accomplish in extreme detail. 

I help you clearly, and definitively develop very specific goals for yourself personally and professionally. 

I provide guidance as far as how to identify and leverage your strengths and how to understand your opportunities for improvement in relation to your values and your goals.

After spending the last few years going through direct mentorships with brilliant minds in the high performance coaching field such as Tony Robbins, David Meltzer, Brendon Burchard, Bob Proctor and Dean Graziosi, I’ve been able to acquire the additional tools and frameworks for success to help you drive intentionally towards your optimal outcomes day to day.

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Business coaching

With nearly 20 years of high level leadership, management and sales success to draw from, I will assist you in diagnosing root cause issues that are holding your organization back and work collaboratively with you to create a comprehensive strategy to enhance your strengths and overcome your obstacles. 

I’ve done it repetitively across a multitude of verticals and have the replicable tools to help you develop high performing leaders and teams at all levels of your organization.

About Brett Knopf

I’ve spent two decades coaching individuals and businesses to elevate their leadership and sales skill sets to maximize their personal effectiveness and create their optimal outcomes.

I help you and your company clearly, and definitively develop very specific goals.  I provide guidance as far as how to identify and leverage your strengths and how to understand your opportunities for improvement in relation to your core values and your goals.

In all cases, I work with you collaboratively. I ask very intentional questions, listen closely, and help you create the appropriate actions to chart the path forward strategically, while still accounting for the need to maintain flexibility in adjusting to the inevitable challenges that will arise.

Most people and organizations have a difficult time looking at themselves objectively, so when they’re asked about these areas, they overwhelmingly have difficulty articulating them in detail. If you don’t know exactly where you want to go and what tools you have or don’t have at your disposal, it’s going to be tough to get there.

Let me work with you to help you live your best life and to create the solutions that will elevate your business. It’s what I am best at and love to do the most in this world.

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