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When you take a solution based approach to everything in your life it creates the opportunity for you to control your desired outcomes.  Let me help you create those solutions and, as a result, create your optimal life.

About knopfknows

I have failed more times than I care to admit. I’ve struggled with self-doubt and insecurities for most of my life despite an abundance of unsolicited positive feedback. I’ve been the only one who has been able hold myself back from optimal happiness and success. I’ve been where you are and I continue to work every day to create the life I desire. 

You can do the same. It’s your choice. 

This is where I come in. 

I am a Human Performance Coach / Executive Coach. 

I help you clearly, and definitively develop very specific goals for yourself personally and professionally. I provide guidance as far as how to identify and leverage your strengths and how to understand your opportunities for improvement in relation to your values and your goals. 

In all cases, I work with you collaboratively. I ask very intentional questions, listen closely, and help you create the appropriate actions to chart the path forward strategically, while still accounting for the need to maintain flexibility to adjust to the inevitable challenges that will arise. 

Most people have a difficult time looking at themselves objectively, so when they’re asked about these areas of their life, they overwhelmingly have difficulty articulating them in detail. If you don’t know exactly where you want to go and what tools you have or don’t have at your disposal, it’s going to be tough to get there. 

Let me work for you to help you live your best life. It’s what I am best at and love to do the most in this world.

HUman performance coaching

There are fundamental skills that are applicable in the vast majority of social and business oriented scenarios. Sales, networking, goal setting, time management/organization, public speaking/presenting, branding/marketing, interpersonal relationships and leadership/management are the core competencies we will evaluate to chart the path forward.  

Based on your goals as well as your current and desired skill set, we will customize a 1 on 1 program for you and/or put you in a classroom setting to up-level your knowledge in the areas we determine to be priorities.  

When we do this, I am extremely confident in the fact that you will:

All I ask is that you are honest with yourself first and foremost about your desire to live your optimal life and are willing to take the actions necessary to make it happen.  

I’ll take care of the rest.

executive coaching

With nearly 20 years of high level management, leadership, sales and development experience, I have a long track record of successes and challenges to draw from to help you and your team optimize your results. 

I have been able to consistently coach teams to outperform revenue expectations for industry leading organizations such as Tavern On The Green and Equinox. This is done through a replicable process that will enable you to create a culture predicated on shared accountability to standards of excellence at all levels.

I will assist you in diagnosing root cause issues that are holding your organization back and work collaboratively with you to create a comprehensive strategy to enhance your strengths and overcome your obstacles. 

In doing so, we will put you and your team in a position to 

 I’ve done it across diverse industries, with diverse teams, on a repetitive basis. 

Let me do the same for you and your team.

Client testimonials

I had the true pleasure of working with Brett while at the Equinox flagship Columbus Circle location in NYC. Brett’s leadership skills are diverse and multifaceted. Brett has a high degree of emotional intelligence which gives him the ability to build strong personal relationships with his employees, peers and executives.

Brett has the ability to easily identify business opportunities/challenges and strategically create a methodical plan to take the business to the next level. Brett’s strongest skill set is to make everyone around him better I have witnessed how his presence and approach has developed and enhanced many co workers leadership, life management and business management skills, including my own.

Whenever people find themselves on a path where purpose and passion align; where they feel that their contribution is there to feed the greater good in this realm; where they strive to make a lifetime career out of it; the first step is someone taking a chance on you.

When I met Brett, I immediately got the sense that this man genuinely wants to help those around him-- It was contagious. I knew that if he took a chance on me, I'd be working WITH someone who only wanted to see me reach my true potential. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I never once looked at Brett as a boss (insert the eye rolling, scoffing type.) Rather, I look/looked at him as a mentor: Someone that was going to be honest with me when I wasn't working towards my potential; someone who wasn't going to beat around the bush; and most importantly, someone who would take my strengths and help me hone those skills to become a better trainer, businessman, and friend.

Life is hard, and everyone has something to offer. But what separates you from everyone else? A Lot of us have no idea because we have not fully understood who we are, our strengths, and ultimately our potential. By working with Brett, I can assure that all of these points will be answered, and you will have a successful life and career when you choose to continue to grow and learn.

Under Brett Knopf’s guidance for over two years, I was given the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. I worked under Brett during this time, however with his exceptional leadership skills every day it felt like he worked for me. A principal that Brett preached was to lead from the front, which he did day in and day out. What had an immense impact on me was every week working together, he would take time out of his day to assist me in becoming a stronger leader professionally and in my personal life. He showed me the importance of communicating with interest and curiosity. Brett’s guidance and expertise has lead me to a successful Sales Management career. I have the utmost confidence in Brett that he will continue to make an impact in countless lives.

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